Monday, November 1, 2010

4th Grade: Tissue Paper Collage

My 4th grade students at Findley Oaks created tissue paper collages inspired by the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. She creates beautful flower paintings, so the students used flowers as their subject. They tore tissue paper to create the flowers and painted the background with watercolors. They are great!

5th Grade: Tempera Batik

My 5th grade students learned about the art of Batik (wax and dye resist). They used tempera paint and india ink resist. They turned out really cool!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unit 1

We just finished Unit 1: Art is a Language. My students discussed how art can be used to communicate much like a language. They participated in art lessons that focused on the Elements of Art. The Elements of Art are Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, and Texture. They are the foundation of art, just as the alphabet is for reading. My 2nd-5th grade classes will be expected to have these memorized by the end of the year. Every lesson will address some of the elements throughout the year, so they will be reinforced all year long. Exmaples of the art projects will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back!

I can't believe the 2010-2011 school is already begun! I am looking forward to a great year! My students are working hard on their first projects right now. I will post photos when they are done. I'm excited to be teaching at Findley Oaks again this year. I also have two new schools. I am treaching at Creek View and State Bridge Crossing Elementary schools as well. I have a new classroom at Findley this year. I love it! I look forward to sharing our creative student artwork again this year! Keep checking my blog for new entries!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mrs. Andrew's and I had our 4th grade students at Findley Oaks Elementary create an installation for International Fine Arts Night this year. The students recreated John's Creek by sculpting different buildings and houses out of clay. Parent volunteers helped to bring it all together by making the roads, trees, and street signs. It looks amazing!

My third grade students at Shakerag Elementary had to create a radial weaving and design a border using Complimentary colors. Wow! They look great!

My fifth grade artists had to create a piece of artwork inspired by the song “The Beauty of Grey” by Live. They had creative freedom to choose their genre and medium based on what inspired them in the song. They had to listen to the song and decide how they wanted to represent the song’s meaning. Everything in their artwork is in neutral colors (black, white, and/or grey) except the emphasis. The students were asked to self-evaluate to develop habits of excellence. They were asked to “read” the meaning of their artwork, and they discussed how personal experiences influence art production and preferences for art. They did an AMAZING job!