Monday, November 10, 2014

Zentangle Animals

My fourth graders learned about contour line drawing and zentangles for this project.  They had to pick an animal to draw.  I brought in pictures of the animal they wanted, and they had to draw by observation.  Then, they traced the animal with sharpie.  Next, they drew zentangle patterns inside the animal.  Finally, they painted them.  I demonstrated using a wet on wet technique or just painting in each of the sections.  My students did a great job!  I love these! 

Self-Portraits Inspired by: Roy Lichtenstein

My fifth graders studied Roy Lichtenstein for this project.  They had to either take a selfie or have someone else take a picture of them close up.  I printed the pictures in black and white.  They drew the contour lines of their face, and transferred them to a white piece of drawing paper.  They traced them with sharpie before painting them.  I had them choose one area to do the dot painting and the rest they painted solid.  They absolutely loved this project, and they turned out great!