Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3rd Grade Clay Cupcake Sculptures

My 3rd graders this year made clay cupcake sculptures.  This was a new lesson for me this year and I loved it!  The third grade clay standard is coiling, so this worked out perfect.  The students made a pinch pot for the base and then used coils to make the frosting.  Some students added a cherry or something on top.  They glazed them after they were fired.  They turned out great!  I will definitely use this project again. 

2nd Grade Sculpture Puzzles

My 2nd graders made sculptures that can be changed into different forms and can be put together like a puzzle.  We talked about the difference between sculptures and drawings or paintings.  We reviewed lines, shapes, and patterns.  We discussed the elements and principles of art.  Then, the students learned about zentangles.  They used lines and shapes to create zentangle patterns on circles of white paper.  They cut out the circles, glued them onto a piece of colored paper (to strengthen them and add something to the back).  I showed them how to cut slits on all four sides of the circle and then attach them together to make a sculpture.  They thought it was pretty cool that they can put them together in different ways each time.  They had a lot fun with this project!