Friday, October 25, 2013

Dessert Drawings-Yum!

We just finished Unit 1 and my third graders did dessert drawings inspired by Pop Artist, Wayne Thiebaud.  My students chose a yummy dessert to draw.  We talked about contour drawing and using form when drawing and coloring.  Then, they traced their drawings with glue to give it texture.  Finally, they used oil pastels to add color and more texture.  We talked about having a light source and using gradation to create the light source and form.  They turned out amazing!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome Back! 2013-2014

It is the beginning of the year and I am finally getting on my blog.  It has been quite a busy start for me.  I am really excited to share students' artwork with you this year!  They are hard at work right now on our first project.  We will be done with them very soon and I will post pictures.  We are in Unit 1: Art is a Language were we start to develop and review art language.  We talk a lot about the elements and principles of art in this unit.  We will continue to use and talk about the elements and principles all year long.  I look forward to sharing the wonderful artwork of my students, so check back periodically in the next week or two, and all throughout the school year!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Clay Faces

My 5th graders studied the Georgia Artist, Kimmy Cantrell, for their clay unit this year.  I love this lesson and so do they!  It is a great lesson to show student engagement.  We look at Cantrell's artwork and discuss the symbolism behind his work.  We also focus on asymmetry for this project.  Then, the students create their own face with symbolism and asymmetry in mind.  They use their drawing as a template to cut out their face shape from a slab of clay.  They have to use both additive and subtractive techniques when creating their face.  They use the score and slip technique to attach their pieces.  After is dries and is fired, then they paint it with tempera paints.  They are so proud!!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

My third graders created collograph prints by creating a landscape collage out of cardstock. They used the collage as their printing plate. We discussed foreground, middle ground, background, and how to create perspective on a 2D surface. After they printed they went back into their print with art sticks to add a little color.  It was not an easy process, but I think they turned out great!

Even the printing plates turned out to be a great piece of artwork!