Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5th Grade Freedom Quilt Reduction Prints

My 5th grade students studied the history of Freedom Quilts.  They created their own radial quilt pattern.  Then, they carved their pattern into styrofoam.  They printed white first, and they carved into the pattern again.  Next, they printed with black.  Finally, they attached them to a backgorund color to create a frame.  These turned out fantastic!

3rd Grade Pop Art Prints

My 3rd grade students studied Andy Warhol.  They chose something from everyday life or popular culture to be the emphasis of their artwork.  They made a collograph printing plate from cardboard and cardstock.  They printed on colored paper and added more color with colored pencils.  They really enjoyed this lesson and they turned out wonderful!

4th Grade Monochromatic Gestures

My 4th grade students learned about value.  They painted a value scale after studying Vincent Van Gogh's blue period, then they chose a color to paint a monochromatic background for their gesture prints.  The students learned about gesture drawings.  They sketched gestures from wooden models.  They chose one gesture as the emphasis for their artwork.  They carved their gesture in styrofoam and printed it on colored paper.  They have to choose complimentary colors for their artwork.  They turned out great!

2nd Grade Aboriginal Art

My 2nd graders created an Aboriginal drawing based on something they like.  They learned about patterns and color schemes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st Grade Owl Collages

My first grade students studied an Inuit artist that creates artwork of animals from her environment.  The first graders had to do an observational drawing of an owl.  They mixed and used neutral colors to paint the feathers on the owl.  They used sharpie marker to add details in the feathers and face.  Finally, they painted a night background to glue their owl on.  They did a fantastic job.