Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kindergarten:Talking Lines

In Kindergarten, we always start the year out with learning lines and color.  This project is perfect for both!  I always start out by showing the students actions for the different line families.  They practice drawing them and then we play Simon Says using the actions for the lines.  They love it!  As they were practicing drawing lines, I went to each table and took the students' pictures.  I told them they could look like they were blowing, whistling, talking, or singing.  On day two, we talked about mixing colors.  I told them to pay close attention to what happens when we mix colors today.  As the students worked on a color wheel, I pulled them in small groups to a painting station.  We used the wet on wet watercolor technique to paint their background paper.  I told them it's like Tye-Dye.  They thought this was pretty cool!  The last day of production, I had their pictures glued onto their paper and they draw the lines coming from their mouths with markers.  We culminated the project by doing an interactive review using an ActiveInspire presentation I made.  This was a lot of fun!  I think this one will stay in the rotation! 

Here are some of the videos on color I use with Kindergarten.  They are great fillers!
I always start the first day of art talking about the elements of art.  This video is a cute introduction for K-1.  It was made by a Kindergarten class. 

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